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Country (where the company is originated and/or registered) –
International offices in (list of countries) –
Regulation (NFA, CFTC, FSA etc; not regulated) –
In Forex industry since (year) –
Broker status (Independent broker, Introducing broker for [name], a Bank) –
Do you accept US clients? (yes, no) –
Mini-account minimum deposit ($US) –
Standard account minimum deposit ($US) –
ECN account minimum deposit ($US) –
Account currency –
Maximum leverage for a mini-account –
Maximum leverage for a standard account –
Maximum leverage for an ECN account –
Minimal lot size for a mini-account –
Minimal lot size for a standard account –
Minimal lot size for an ECN account –
Funding methods –
Withdrawal methods –
Commission (yes, no) –
Spread type (fixed, variable, both types [indicate accounts]) –
Spreads EURUSD on a mini-account (examples: 2 pips, as low as 2 pips, typically 0.5 pips) –
Spreads EURUSD on a standard account –
Spreads EURUSD on an ECN account –
Do you have premium trading conditions for VIP clients either retail or institutional? (yes, no) –
What’s the minimum deposit there? –
What’s the lowest spread there for EURUSD? –
Briefly describe main advantages: e.g. NDD, ECN trading, Interbank rates, personal coaching etc? –
* – The following parameters marked with a star should be indicated regardless account types or platform types.
(Here we focus on a presence/absence of a certain trading option for traders.
After getting a matching result, traders will explore their options further on a broker’s website).

Is scalping allowed?* (yes, no; yes, but it is monitored; yes, scalpers are welcome) –
Is hedging allowed?* (yes, no) –
Are all Expert Advisors allowed on MT4?* (yes, no, not applicable) –
Trading platforms available* (please name all) –
Trading platform(s) time zones* (example: EST, GMT, GMT+1 etc) –
Decimal pricing* (4 digit, 5 digit; both) –
Execution* (Market execution, Instant execution, both) –
Total number of liquidity providers* –
Trailing stops* (yes, no) –
OCO orders* (yes, no) –
One-click execution* (yes, no) –
Mobile trading* (yes, no) –
Web-based trading* (yes, no) –
API Solutions* (yes, no) –

Currency pairs total* (total number, number of exotic pairs) –
Gold, silver* (yes, no) –
Oil* (yes, no) –
CFD* (yes, no) –
Trading instruments besides Forex* (Stocks, Options, Futures, Indices, Commodities, Energies, Shares, Bonds, ETFs, Spread betting) –

MAM/PAMM accounts for managers* (yes, no) –
Managed accounts services for investors* (yes, no) –
Swap-free accounts* (Available to anyone; Islamic accounts only; not offered) –
Segregated accounts* (yes, no) –
Interest on unused margin* (yes, no) –
Bonuses or rewards* (yes, no) –
Trading contests* (yes, no) –

Stop out level (%) for the smallest account –
Margin Call level (%) for the smallest account –
Maximum trade size (standard lots) for the smallest account –
No expiration Demo accounts (yes, no) –
Free VPS (yes, no). If you have paid VPS, please indicate the cost. –
Social trading (yes, no) –

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