Forex brokers with swap-free accounts

Islamic account – can be opened for Muslims only.
Any account – can be opened for any client.
Standard account – needs further review.

Forex brokers who offer Islamic or swap-free accounts list

Below is the list of Forex brokers who offer Islamic or swap-free accounts with no rollover charges.

Besides Muslim friendly Forex brokers, there are also brokers who offer interest-free accounts to all traders.
BrokerSwap free accountDepositLeverageHedgingSpecial conditions
10MarketsIslamic accounts$5500:1yes
1BillionForexAny accounts$5500:1yes
24FXIslamic accounts$250400:1yes
4XNetworksIslamic accounts$11000:1yes
5StarsForexAny accounts$500500:1yes
AAAFx Islamic account$300500:1yesNo fees are changed in order to replace swap fees.
AAFX TradingStandard account$502000:1yes
Abshire-SmithIslamic account$500100:1yesScalpers are monitores so they don't abuse of the interest free
AccentForexIslamic account$10500:1yesEvery working day at midnight swap will not removed or charged.
ACM GoldIslamic account$250500:1yesIslamic clients only.
ActivTradesIslamic account$100400:1yesNo interest on contracts lasting longer than 24 hours - zero rollover interest consistently.
No additional rollover commissions.
Admiral MarketsIslamic account$10500:1yesNo special conditions.
AGEAIslamic account$500500:1yesZero-Interest policy on all open positions, meaning that there is no overnight interest charged or paid on open positions while trading on the default trading platform.
AGM MarketsIslamic account$250200:1yesAll accounts are swap-free for everybody without any additional charges.
AJAJ GroupIslamic account$5400:1yesIslamic classic account. No swap.
Alfa FinancialIslamic account$25000100:1yes
AlpariAny account$1500:1yesSwap-free accounts incur commission charges. Daily overnight handling charge starting from 10 base units per night per lot depending on the currency traded.
Alpha Capital MarketsAny account$200400:1yes
AMFXIslamic account$500400:1yes
AmigaFXAny account$50400:1yesNo roll over fees
ALVAST TRADEAny account$100200:1yesNo special conditions
Atom8Standard account£5000100:1yesNo special conditions
ATS MarketsIslamic account$50500:1yesNo special conditions
AvaTradeIslamic account$100400:1yesAccount is not charged with premiums and/or rollovers and/or interest.
AxioryIslamic account$500500:1yesZero rollover interest, Zero interest, no commission on settlement for more than 24 hours, No additional fees or commissions charged at all.
Back Bay Markets Islamic account$500400:1yes
BCapitalsFXIslamic account$10400:1yes
BelforFx Islamic account$100400:1yesNo special conditions.
BlackBull MarketsIslamic account$100500:1yes
BMFN Arab Islamic account$1000100:1yesIslamic clients only and with BMFN Arab.
Bulls And Bears Forex UKIslamic account$500500:1yes
Bulls Capital MarketsIslamic account$50500:1yes
Caesar TradeIslamic account$25500:1yes
Capital IndexIslamic account£1200:1yesNo interest/swaps, no spread widening, no time limit on positions
CAPPROFXStandard account$101000:1yes
CFD1000Any account$200400:1yesNo special conditions
CFH ClearingAny account$50000100:1yesSwap free accounts on request
City Credit Capital UK (CCC)Standard accounts$500100:1yesAccounts are monitored to avoid abuse.
CM TradingIslamic accounts$250400:1yes
CMS ForexAny account$25050:1noIf a interest free account is requested by a non Muslim client, there will be 5% margin on the account, which means 5,000USD for a standard 100k lot and 500USD for a mini 10k lot.
ContinentalFXStandard accounts$1000200:1yes
CommexFXIslamic accounts$5400:1yesDedicated Swap-free accounts.
Core Liquidity MarketsStandard accounts$250500:1yes
Citypoint TradingAny account$500300:1yesThere are no other commission/substitution, the client simply pays the spread. All clients can have swap free accounts, however, we do not accept clients to simply use us to benefit from arbitrage (taking a short position and leaving it whilst holding a long position elsewhere) if clients do seek to simply do this we give the client the option to either change to a swap account or close their account.
DartTraderStandard accounts$10500:1yes
DeltastockAny account$100200:1yesThe Islamic Forex Trading Accounts are charged a service fee of: 0.10 EUR for each position of 1000 base currency units held overnight for the major currency pairs, and 0.25EUR for the rest.
DenForexAny account$10500:1yesNo special conditions.
Direct FXStandard accounts$250400:1yes
Divisa CapitalStandard accounts$5000100:1yes
Dukascopy Bank SAIslamic accounts$100200:1yesSwap-free accounts cannot be used for any carry trade, arbitration or any other strategy aiming at taking advantage of interest differences between currencies.
Easy-Forex (non-US accounts)Islamic accounts$25200:1 (non-US), 50:1 (US) yes (non-US accounts)Offering accounts with spreads only, which adhere to the Islamic law (Sharia). The maximum duration offered for Day-Trading deals is limited (usually 1 week but it can also be shorter or longer depending on the currency pair traded).
eToroStandard accounts$1000400:1 (non-US), 50:1 (US)noDuring week days - no commissions or swaps. Commission is charged only on trades held over a weekend.
EXNESSIslamic account$12000:1yesSwap-free accounts are commission-free.
FastBrokers (non-US accounts)Islamic accounts$250050:1yes (non-US accounts)Swaps and rollover fees will be waived. All other trading conditions are the same for your account type.
FBSAny account$12000:1yesNo additional charges.
FCMarketIslamic account$500500:1yesZero Overnight Interest (swap free) is for Positions left opened for less then 10 days will not be charged; however from the 11th day any position left opened will be charged commission, which is calculated according to the Swap rules.
FeelTradeIslamic account$100300:1yesOptional.
FIBO GroupAny account$300200:1yesPositive swap will be abolished only. The negative swap will remain.
FIBO Group HoldingsAny account$300200:1yesNo special conditions.
FidelisIslamic account$500200:1yesaccounts are swap free in accordance with religious conditions
FinFXAny account$100200:1yesOn request for Micro account
Finpro TradingIslamic account$100200:1yesno SWAP being applied.
FirewoodFXAny account$101000:1yes
Forex.comIslamic account$25050:1noTraders are charged a flat rate of $2.50 per mini lot or $25 per standard lot when a position is held open after 5:00 pm EST.
Forex ClubAny account$20050:1noThere is no SWAP, but, there is a roll over fee which is owed to keep a position opened.
FXOptimumStandard account$10500:1yesSwap-free - yes.
Forex RallyAny account$1001000:1yesSwap-free - available to anyone.
Forex-Metal Any account$12000:1yes1st type: No-swap account with gifts and donations: with very small credits (gifts) and debits (donations) which are apprx. equal to the swap amounts. No account cost.
2nd type: No-swap account without gifts and donations: no additional credits or debits, only spreads (the same spreads, no difference from the regular account). No account cost.
Forex.eeAny account$100500:1yesNo special conditions.
Forex4youAny account$11000:1yesNo special conditions.
FOREXerAny account$10,00010:1yesNo special conditions.
ForexYardIslamic accounts$100200:1yesNo swap, no commission, regular spreads.
Fort FinancialAny account$51000:1yesPro accounts cannot be swap-free.
Fortress Capital Standard account$200050:1noNo special conditions
FW MarketsStandard account$100500:1yes
FX Money WorldAny account$250400:1yesNo special conditions
FX NextIslamic accounts$500200:1yesNo special conditions
FX-EDGEAny account$200100:1yesNo special conditions
FXCMStandard account$200050:1noCan be requested for MT4 account with min. deposit $2000.
FXDD (non-US accounts)Islamic accounts$2000200:1 (non-US), 50:1 (US)no, FXDD Malta - yesIslamic clients only and trading activities are monitored
FXGM – Forex Global MarketAny account$200200:1yesFXGM will not apply swaps or rollover charges to such accounts in compliance of the Islamic Shariah Law.
Traders can hold the positions for unlimited time.
FxNetIslamic accounts$50500:1yesNo special conditions.
FXOpenIslamic accounts$1500:1yesNo special conditions.
FXFlatStandard accounts€200400:1yesNo special conditions.
FXOptimaxIslamic accounts$101000:1yesSwap-free islamic account are provided upon request.
FXPRIMUSIslamic accounts$100500:1yesCustomer may not keep transactions in such account open for more than 5 days and may not otherwise abuse such benefit.
FxPro Islamic accounts$500500:1yesInstead of being charged an overnight (swap) fee, there will be a commission of USD 15 (fifteen) charged per lot traded as a handling fee; this commission is charged from the 2nd (second) day of a position remaining open.
FXTG (ForexTG)Islamic accounts$1000500:1yesContinuous monitoring of accounts to avoid abuse.
FXTPGIslamic accounts$50500:1yes
FxUnitedStandard account$200500:1yesSwap type - Free swap.
GAINSYIslamic account$10500:1yesSwaps don't apply, no additional commissions are charged.
Gallant Capital Markets (GCMFX) Any account$250400:1yesNo special conditions.
GCM ForexStandard account$100100:1yesNo special conditions.
GDMFXIslamic account$100500:1yes
GIFXIslamic account$100500:1yes
GKFXPRIMEIslamic account$11000:1yescommission charge applies for all positions that are kept open for 5 consecutive nights on swap free accounts
Golden TangentIslamic account$500400:1yes
Grand CapitalAny account$10500:1yesno swaps on Swap Free account.
Hantec MarketsIslamic accounts$1000200:1yesClients can hold their positions for an undetermined period of time without incurring any interest or additional fees.
HiWayFXAny account$201000:1yesNo special conditions
HeartForex (MT4)Any account$500200:1yesNo special conditions
HotForexIslamic account$51000:1yesThe Micro Account is available as Swap Free for clients following the Muslim Faith. Flexible bonus.
HY MarketsIslamic accounts$50300:1yesAny open position in certain products will not be subject to overnight fees for the first 14 days after the position is placed in the market. If the position remains open after 14 days, normal overnight fees will start applying to that open position.
IC MarketsAny account$200500:1yesSpreads are slightly wider.
IC Markets Forex Rebates Any account$200500:1yes
iClickNTradeAny account$250500:1yes
ICM - iTrade Capital MarketsAny account$500400:1yesAll accounts with ICM are interest-free and Shariah compliant. There is only a roll charge on open positions of $1 per lot per day that the position is open.
ICM CapitalAny account$200500:1yesNo special conditions.
IFC MarketsIslamic accounts $100400:1yesAutomatic closing of positions on the Islamic (SWAP free) accounts by the trade server will be executed in 14 days from the moment of opening every position.
iForexAny account$1400:1yesNo commission, no swaps. You must open/close positions at least once a month.
Automatic closing of positions on the Islamic Account (swap-free) by the trade server will be executed in 30 days from the day of opening every position.
IHI – Investment House InternationalAny account$1000400:1yesClients can have all interest charges or credits eliminated from their account in exchange for paying a 5$ commission per lot.
IKOFXIslamic account$1500:1noNo swap or rollover interest will be charged to positions held overnight to the account.
IKON GMIslamic account$100050:1noAvailable only upon request and evaluation of every client.
IKON GroupIslamic accounts$150500:1yesCertain lot (volume) requirements apply for each currency pair in order to waive swap charges.
IKON MarketsStandard account$100500:1yes
IMMFXAny account$2001000:1yes
InstaForexAny account$11000:1yesUnlimited time to carry the positions.
InvestorseuropeIslamic account$250400:1yesNo special conditions.
IronFXIslamic account$500500:1yesAs long as you meet the Company’s criteria (e.g. client of a Muslim faith), you may be eligible for a swap free account. Any position left opened for less than 10 days will not be given swap, however from the 11th day any position left open will be subject to a fee which is calculated according to swap rules as they appear on the Company’s Contract Specifications.
IsikFXIslamic account$100100:1yes
IV BrokersIslamic account$100500:1yesNo special conditions.
JustForexIslamic account$12000:1yesNo special conditions.
KAWASEIslamic account$100500:1yes
LAND-FXIslamic account$300500:1yesAvailable to Islamic accounts with a few conditions.
LiderForexAny account$100200:1yesMicro accounts of $25 don't have the swap-free feature.
LiteForexAny account$101000:1yesAccounts opened on request.
Markets.comIslamic account$100200:1yesNo special conditions.
MaxFXIslamic account$200500:1yes
MTradingAny account$11000:1yes
MFX BrokerIslamic account$11000:1yesInstead of swap this account will feature a fixed small fee per standard lot, which is charged daily for positions that are held overnight.
MAYZUSIslamic account$100400:1yesonly available to clients of Islamic faith.
MBCFXIslamic account$1000200:1yesMicro accounts of $25 don't have the swap-free feature.
MTI MarketsIslamic account$1001000:1yes
MTN-FXStandard account$1400:1yes
NAS BrokerStandard account$11000:1yes
NatureForexIslamic account$201000:1yes
Nexsus Financial MarketsStandard account$250400:1yes
NewForexAny account$11000:1yes
NorFXIslamic account$51000:1yes
NoaFXIslamic account$10500:1yes
OctaFXAny account$5500:1yesNo commissions. Accounts opened on request.
One Financial MarketsIslamic account$250400:1yesNo special conditions.
PaxForexIslamic account$10500:1yesNo special conditions.
PCM BrokersIslamic account$100400:1yesNo special conditions.
ProfiforexStandard account$5500:1yesNo special conditions.
Real Trade GroupIslamic account$20500:1yesFixed commission of 5 cents per 0.01 lot, $1 per 0.1 lot.
Royal Forex TradingIslamic account$10,000400:1yesTrade with no swap charges and with no other additional charges, spread or hidden fees.
RoboForexAny account$11000:1yesAll trading accounts opened at the RoboForex are Swap-Free accounts. The commission (USD) specified in the table is for 1 standard lot. The total daily commission is the commission for 1 lot multiplied by a number of lots. The commission is taken off the account every day, at 12 a.m. server time.
Ruizean TraderStandard accounts$200400:1yesNo special conditions.
Sensus Capital MarketsIslamic accounts€1000500:1yesNo special conditions.
Seven Star FXIslamic accounts$500500:1yesNo special conditions.
Sterling Gent TradingIslamic account$50400:1yesShariah-compliant “no riba” accounts for observant Muslims. Pay no interest and receive no interest.
SmartTradeFXIslamic account$100300:1yes
STOCK.comIslamic account$250200:1yes
StoxMarketIslamic account$1000500:1yes
SunbirdIslamic account$1000300:1yesSwap free accounts (Roll Over fee) with no extra charge or fee.
Super Hot ForexAny account$200500:1yes
Swiss International Financial Brokerage K.S.C.Islamic account$500200:1yesIslamic Trading only available to clients for religious reasons in the Middle East.
Sword CapitalIslamic account$100500:1yes
TeleTradeIslamic account$1100:1yes
TFI MarketsStandard account$500100:1yesNo special conditions.
TFX MarketsAny account$50500:1yesNo special conditions.
ThreeTradesStandard account$1200:1yes
ThinkForexIslamic account$250500:1yesAccounts opened on request. Monitoring of accounts to avoid any abuse.
TifiaAny account$100400:1yes
Titan FXAny account$200500:1yesNo swaps. Trade holding fees are payable on any trades held open for two days or more.
TopFXStandard accounts$1100:1yes
Trade12Islamic account$250400:1yesNo special conditions.
TradeFxPIslamic account$25500:1yes
Trader's WayIslamic account$11000:1yesNo special conditions.
Traders TrustIslamic account$100500:1yesIslamic accounts (swap free) are offered to clients of the Muslim faith. Providing a valid ID can be presented showing your faith. No overnight interested (swap) will be charged in this account.
there is a 3 days swap free period to all Islamic accounts. On the 3rd day if the position is not closed then for every extra day the company will charge a storage fee of $5 per lot per day. For the Exotic Pairs, the swap free period remains 3 days and the storage fee is $15 per lot per day.
TradersChoiceFXIslamic accounts$25050:1noGAINCAPITAL: Traders are charged a flat rate of $2.50 per mini lot or $25 per standard lot when a position is held open after 5:00 pm EST. FXDD: Islamic clients only and trading activities are monitored. FXCM: Micro accounts of $25 don't have the swap-free feature.
TradenextStandard accounts$100300:1yes
TradeWiseFXStandard accounts$25500:1yes
TradingBanksAny account$250400:1yes
TradingForex.comIslamic accounts$1000200:1yesCharged from day one the amount of 5USD per lot per day for storage fees.
TradizeAny account$1001000:1yes
TrioMarketsIslamic accounts$100300:1yesNo swap points on overnight positions for online traders from Arabic countries.
Trust CapitalAny accounts$250400:1yes
UFXIslamic accounts$500400:1yesContinuos monitoring of accounts to avoid abuse. Commodities and indices allowed.
UpFXAny account.$100300:1yesOptional, on request.
Windsor BrokersAny account$250500:1yesAvailable for to Mini and Standard accounts. You may keep your position open for up to Five days, as of the sixth day fixed charges shall apply on daily basis until the position is closed.
Varengold Bank FXIslamic accounts$1200:1yesHalal accounts for clients from Islamic countries.
Vinson FinancialsAny account$200500:1yesAvailable to anyone.
VommaAny account$10500:1yescommission $10 per lot applies
xCFDStandard accounts$500100:1no
XForexIslamic accounts$100400:1yesAccounts opened on request and are subject to approval.
XGLOBAL MarketsAny account$500200:1yesNo maintenance fees apply for the Islamic accounts. Unlimited time positions remain open.
XMIslamic account$5888:1yesNo interest/swap, no up-front commissions, no time constraints, no spread widening.
XTB UKIslamic accounts$120:1yesCommission free accounts. No swap. Widened spread on the FX market by only 1 pip. Regular spread for all other instruments. 10 USD daily charge per lot for every transaction held through the weekend.
YouTradeFXIslamic accounts$500500:1yesNo special conditions.
ZAR FXIslamic accounts$500500:1yesNo special conditions.
Do you know another Forex broker that has rollover(swap) free trading accounts?
Please suggest by adding a comment below.

Benefits of rollover free trading

For certain currency pairs depending on the market position taken rollover can either be negative (means you have to pay) or positive (means you get paid).With rollover/swap free Forex accounts trader don’t pay anything nor they get paid for holding positions past 17:00pm (ask your broker about the Time zone they use) when rollover is calculated.

Forex currency trading Accounts that receive no rollover/no swap can be a good option for traders who employ long term trading strategies, starting from holding trades longer than a day and up to a month or so, and who don’t want to pay rollover fees.

Rollover/swap free Forex accounts are perfect for carry trade and hedging strategies where traders look to profit from holding currencies which earn positive rollover (with a broker that applies rollover/swaps) and at the same time look to offset any trading risks by hedging the same currency pair with another broker which applies no rollover fees, but instead charges a small commission.

What is a Forex Islamic account?

Under Sharia Islamic law, making money from money, such as receiving interest, is not permitted.
Wealth should be generated only through legitimate trade and investment in assets.

Under Sharia Islamic law, making money from money, such as receiving interest, is not permitted.
Wealth should be generated only through legitimate trade and investment in traded for money, instead, money can be used to buy goods or services, which then can be sold for a profit.

In order to meet needs of Muslim traders Forex brokers offer Islamic accounts with strict compliance with Shariah Law:the interest payment on the account balance is waived. Instead traders are charged a small daily service fee for positions held overnight. Alternatively there could be special conditions on spreads, where traders pay one pip higher spread on all currency pairs.

Forex Islamic accounts offer a halal (permissible) investment opportunity that involves zero riba (interest). Forex is a spot currency market which makes it halal. Forex is no different from the traveler changing money on the spot when he enters a foreign country.

An approximate list of countries whose residents can apply for Swap-free trading accounts:

Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria,
Bahrein, Bangladesh, Brunei
Comoro Islands

Indonesia, Iran, Iraq

Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Morocco
Niger, Nigeria
Pakistan, Palestine

Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria
Tunisia, Turkey
Western Sahara

Acceptance rules may vary from broker to broker