AlphaBeta FX – Live Competition

Live Competition from AlphaBeta FX

  • Dates: Until 30th April 2019.
  • Available to: All clients.
  • Offer: Win $250 USD in cashback, a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Tickets for a selected number of destinations.
  • How to get: Meet the following trading conditions:
  • Trade no less than 100 lots to get the $250 USD in cashback.
    Trade no less than 300 lots to get the Samsung Galax Note 8.
    Trade no less than 2000 lots to get the airplane tickets.

  • Other conditions: The travel destinations could be any of the following: Malaysia, India, Thailand, Goa, Kuala-Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bali-Indonesia, Sri-Lanka and Columbia.
  • Link: AlphaBeta FX – Live Competition