Ex-BBC presenter challenges IronFX and lampoons its CEO

By Freddie Rostand, former international BBC TV News and Current Affairs reporter

To give a bit of background, I worked for BBC TV News and Current Affairs for 28 years reporting and producing news and investigative documentaries, winning several awards for my work along the way. During my career, I have covered stories for BBC News from all over the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo among many others.

IronFX Head Office, Limassol, Cyprus

IronFX Head Office, Limassol, Cyprus

In 2009, I left the BBC to start my own film company Rostand Productions, which has flourished ever since, working mostly in the commercial and corporate side of film production. In 2013 I started to learn to trade forex and commodities.

Recognizing that brokers weren’t all as honest as they might be, I split up my funds between a number of brokers. Depositing £500 GBP with IronFX seemed a safe bet, as the company had offices in the City of London, claimed it was FCA Regulated and hit all the right buttons. A year later, after the £500 had become £3500 I tried to withdraw my capital. IronFX refused, and put up obstacle after obstacle in my way” – Freddie Rostand

This prompted me to set up the “Boycott IronFX” Facebook page, and the floodgates opened. With hundreds of victims from all over the world, I soon realised there was a lot more to this than met the eye. Conducting a long investigation into IronFX it became clear is a powerful story of corruption, greed and fraud on a global scale. And it’s still going on. I tracked down former employees who were prepared to blow the whistle on IronFX, disgusted by it’s brazen criminality whilst enjoying protection by Cyprus’ top politicians.

28 years with the BBC: Freddie Rostand

28 years with the BBC: Freddie Rostand

This film is a “desk job” outlining the findings of the investigation. The objective is to produce a 1 hour BBC style documentary exposé of the true story behind IronFX to be shown at documentary festivals all over the world and sold to European and international broadcasters. I am currently trying to raise funds to produce the film and would welcome any assistance however slight to shine a light on the very dark corner within this industry. If you can help you will be credited in the film, and repaid should sales be successful.

Here is the full documentary by Freddie Rostand.

This article was written by, and represents the viewpoint of Freddie Rostand. Featured photograph: Limassol Marina, Cyprus

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