DaxMarkets – Trading Signals

Trading Signals from DaxMarkets

  • Dates: Until December 31, 2018.
  • Available to: All clients.
  • Offer: Get for free daily trading signals. The signals include a suggested instrument, what direction to take, the price to open the position, the SL and TP level.
  • How to get: Log in to your account and consult them online for free.
  • Link: DaxMarkets – Trading Signals

13 Reviews

  1. Linda Henderson says:

    I didn’t have any knowledge before about the market but they offered me a learning sessions which helped me a lot in getting to know the market and the industry in general. I made some profit with them even though I was sceptic at first but I managed to withdraw the funds that I made.

  2. Michael Schwarz says:

    Usually in South Africa we are very skeptical about these kinds of trading but as I did the 7 day free trial my broker Jake assured me that we will go slowly from the beginning and after the second month to invest in the financial market only with the profit, that put me in a comfortable position as this is my first time investing. As far as results go, the investment was returned in 2 months in the third month I started investing only with the profits but burned 40% of my account learning the CFD option.

  3. Nicolas Henderson says:

    I have a pretty good experience with binary options. At the moment I am working with DAXMarkets and everything is going pretty good for now. I really appreciate the fact that my broker is always calling me at time convenient for me, so we can place trades together. For over a month now I have made very good profits and received a withdrawal.

  4. Kewin Söderström says:

    When I started researching the binary options market I was very confident in myself, because of my education I’m a good strategist and I was convinced that I will be able to trade and profit by myself.Well, being good in strategies doesn’t mean you have the ability to be a good trader. To become a proficient trader, you need a proper system and the system Daxmarkets uses is the most reliable and quick from my experience so far. DaxMarkets provides to it’s costumers professional brokers with many years of experience and I can advise to use the help of a professional broker who will give you the knowledge of the market movement and the tips for profiting base on that. A good product or service should not only satisfy you by fulfilling the desired purpose but should also make you understand the basics, which is something you can expect from the platform, because of the education you are receiving along the way.

  5. Sandra Willson says:

    I work with an amazing broker Miss Alice Stern, seriously she is a super lady. My investment was a small amount and she manage to turn it to a volume beyond my wildest dreams. She keeps me updated almost everyday on the account balance and trades because I gave her the permission to trade for me couple of times per week. I’m very satisfied with the service I’m receiving so far and the relationship I created with my personal broker. Just made my first withdraw a couple of days ago, not a big amount but to check how the withdraw system work. I’m a happy customer.

  6. Knut Morten says:

    2 years ago my wife lost huge amount of money in binary. Behind my back, she made an account with DAX. Invested 2K. Horrifying, after all that experience. Decided to take over of the account and to withdraw everything she put in. By the time I got to know about DAX, account had already 40K. Asked for the money, for the 2K. They sent 5k. Now, I`m keeping the account active. Good to know that we have some money aside. That s our savings now.

  7. Kristopher Harvard says:

    I am working with Shon Cristofer for a while, his work is just amazing. When we first started I was experiencing some financial troubles and I couldn’t invest a lot and I was hoping that DAXMarkets will help me somehow. Shon offered to give me a loan, so we can start immediately with bigger trades. His strategy was successful after a few trading sessions my account grew immediately. After a while I managed to return the loan, to reach the necessary trading volume and now I am just enjoying my profits. I am definitely planning to continue with DAXMarkets, I will be ready to invest more soon, and I am sure that Shon will come up with another winning strategy for my account.

  8. Simon Shaw says:

    I opened my account with DAXMarkets long time ago, I guess it was in the end of August or early in September. I never had any major problems with the company, all my requests were treated carefully and processed in a reasonable time frame. Since the beginning I could notice that my account was developing very quickly, I made big profits. I can’t say that it was like that all of the time, I had my losses, but I had Miss Stern working with me who managed to recover everything with her great strategies.

  9. Venno says:

    They are not germany based the are Us based
    Their systems runs on a cloud from Arizona
    Their is no sign of them at their registered address in germany – go see for yourself if you dont believe me

    I would like to warn you that its a scam
    and the whole gang
    PLease be very careful
    I have a lot of money with them and they need more money to relkease that money even if its five times more than they have
    They have magical mathematicians that work for them that determine you can only make 4.78 times you initial investment
    Once you pass this point they want more money and it just continues
    they are not registered – for such an excellent company not to be registered is strange –
    I have absolutely no recourse even to get m initial investment out of them.

    Please be very careful

  10. G.Q says:

    The scourge of financial fraud continues to expand with Forex and binary options fraud, in particular, gaining ground globally. Many hundreds of people around the world are targeted each day. In many cases, they are novice investors who are unfamiliar with the markets and do not recognise that they are dealing with a bogus trading platform. The fraudulent brokers rely on this lack of knowledge. FOR INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION on how to recover your funds to the last penny to get your life back on track visit https://youtu.be/oO9WDGXjipc.

  11. T Ngomatume says:

    I haven’t had all the problems people keep raging about. I took a risk and it paid off. Didn’t get “scammed”. If u dont have atleast a faint idea on how the markets work, read up and then think about investing. I hadnt heard of daxmarkets before but I don’t regret working with them now, seeing how I doubled my investment.

  12. Cc says:

    Hope all these comments are true! Give me confidants to invest.

  13. DRE says:

    ALL theses comments look fake to me.. Go to the other review sites there is scan all over..

    Even I was scammed 250 euros.