Finrally – Trading contest


  • Available to: All clients with funded accounts.
  • Contest dates: There’s a new contest each Sunday.
  • Registration open: All year 2018.
  • Duration: One week each contest.
  • To participate: All clients will automatically participate, there’s no need to make a special registration.
  • Prizes:
  • 1st place – $10,000 USD
    2nd place – $5,000 USD
    3rd place – $3,000 USD
    4th place – $2,000 USD
    5th place – iPad 3 Air
    6th to 8th place – $1,000 USD bonus each
    9th to 13th place – $500 USD bonus each
    14th to 23th place – $300 USD bonus each
    24th to 40th place – $100 USD bonus each

  • How to get: End with the highest number of trades, the minimum trading size should be $10 USD. “Ladder” option trades do not qualify for the final result.
  • Withdrawal: The first 3 prizes can be withdrawn with no restrictions. For the bonus prizes, they can be withdrawn after trading $20 USD for each $1 USD bonus.
  • Other conditions: To get a prize, your net balance should be of $250 USD or more. Bonus prizes can’t exceed 150% of the total deposit amount.
  • Link: Finrally – Trading contest

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