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TeleTrade reviews

TeleTrade reviews

  • Website global:
  • Year since: 1994
  • Headquarters: Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Company registration: TeleTrade-DJ International Consulting Ltd., reg. HE272810, Cyprus
  • Regulation: CySEC (license number 158/11)

11 Reviews

  1. Eduard Hagen says:

    I heard a lot about Teletrade but I didn’t intend to join this company because I didn’t want to practice sync-trading. You know that the name of this broker is associated with sync-trading. However, I have recently learned that it’s good for manual traders too.
    Once I registered with the broker and deposited my MT5 ECN account, I discovered that the broker gave me special points for this. I learned that I can exchange them for real money. The very fact that the maximum amount that you can earn by exchanging those points accounts for $10,000 greatly motivates to stay with this broker.

  2. Osvald Vitalino says:

    That’s the broker that helped me to grow professionally. Of course, this phrase can be understood as a sort of metaphor. Certainly, I didn’t have any personal training with them. I just want to say that the brokerage service ensures good conditions that enable me to grow professionally.
    For three years in trading, I have learned a lot of new things that broaden my outlook as a trader. Of course, this could be any other brokerage service staying with me for a long time, but it was Teletrade.
    I can’t say a lot about their trading conditions because they are quite standard, but I can note that it’s a fairly reliable broker because it gave me enough time to learn to trade profitably.

  3. Filidan Pkov says:

    I was pleased that there is such an impressive number of cryptocurrencies, it does matter these days – just look at what’s happening with bitcoin.
    And they don’t limit the demo – that’s absolutely right too. For all traders.

  4. Koen Kramer says:

    I chose TeleTrade for trading. Of course, for me, the main criterion for choosing a broker was the opportunity to make good money!
    What gives such an opportunity:
    1) Experience and honesty! TeleTrade has been working on Forex since 96 and has long shown itself to be an honest and professional broker!
    2) Trading instruments. The broker offers assets for trading:
    – currency pairs;
    – stocks;
    – indices;
    – cryptocurrency;
    – CFD..
    3) Deposit and withdrawal of money. Teletrade does not have a minimum deposit and withdrawals are available for all popular methods. There are no problems with this!
    4) Synchronous trading. You can repeat the deals of the most successful traders thus increasing your deposit!
    In short, TeleTrade gives you a chance to make money ;.))))

  5. Alain Breton says:

    How to choose a trader to copy trades?

    • Agaton Oberg says:

      You can always choose successful traders in an open and customizable online rating, this can be done on the broker’s website.

  6. Benno Wirth says:

    I tried to become a good trader but still lost money .. I was a newbie and did not understand. Later they explained to me that I give a lot of spread and commission to my broker, so I don’t earn. I changed my broker and now I am a TeleTrade client. There are low spreads and I noticed that the profit became higher)

  7. Halk Ronkainen says:

    I chose this broker for myself, because Teletrade has the longest history in our market, and a good reputation.
    The quotes here are of high quality. Stop-loss orders do not knock down, order execution is clear and accurate. It’s nice to trade especially on the news, few people provide such a cool work of the platform at this time. And no other company provided me with such luxury. Although I have a small deposit, at such moments I manage to take $ 100-200 per day, but of course only with limited risks.

  8. Günter Keller says:

    I trade intraday. Started trading the cross rate. You can also make money. I use signals. It’s much easier to trade this way. Withdrawn $ 500 last time. The application was accepted quickly. Teletrade is a good broker!

  9. Marceau Saligny says:

    You know, I feel strange sometimes. Probably the fact is that I never thought about becoming a trader. Yes .. an interesting feeling! I’m sure many traders feel the same way, but over time, this feeling should go away .. We are getting used to it. Getting used to Forex trading!
    I am grateful to TeleTrade .. This is a normal broker. Of course it is not a magic wand that makes money .. You have to learn, practice and work. Hard to work. I think that not everything depends on the broker.
    Trading conditions may vary. Here they are normal. Of course, there are small slippages and, of course, spreads and swaps .. But .. you have to work hard and earn a lot in order not to notice it!

  10. Mehdi Libert says:

    I want to do a little teletrade dj reviews. I went through training here. I am satisfied with its quality. The emphasis in training was on practice, two thirds of the time was spent at the terminal on a demo account. We practiced different strategies and situations. Thanks to the mentor, he showed and explained everything. Yes, the situation on the market is changing all the time, and the strategies that were given to us are not applicable in all cases of life. So you have to wait until the situation is right. The main thing is that I make deals anyway and have already earned something. I don’t waste my time and study other strategies and approaches in order to make money at any time. I like that the conditions are also simple and straightforward, there are no unnecessary commissions, prohibitions and restrictions. Withdrawing money without delays and unnecessary clarifications.