Market Maker Forex brokers

Instant Execution Forex brokers = Dealing desk brokers (Market makers). “Buy” and “Sell” orders are executed instantly, as they don’t rely on adjusting to the actual Market data. Fewer requotes are to be expected with Instant execution.

Market execution Forex brokers = No Dealing desk brokers (STP, DMA, ECN). Traders will see the orders as “Buy by Market” and “Sell by Market”. These orders will be aligned with the actual market data in real time, which, while being processed, can cause more price requotes in return.

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The list of Market Maker Forex brokers with Instant Execution

Forex brokersMinimum DepositMaximum LeverageMinimum LotType
10Markets$200200:10.1Market maker
4XNetworks$11000:10.1ECN/STP & Market maker
Abshire-Smith$500100:1 0.1DMA/STP & Market maker
ACFX$50500:10.01DMA/STP & Market maker
ACM Gold$250500:10.01STP & Market maker
AGEA$1500:10.001Market maker
AL Trade$200200:1 0.1Market maker
Alpari$1500:1 0.01ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
Alpha Capital Markets$200400:1 0.01STP & Market maker
AMFX$500400:1 0.01STP & Market maker
ATS Markets$50500:1 0.01STP & Market maker
AvaTrade$100400:1 0.01Market maker
Back Bay Markets$500400:1 0.01ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
BANX Trading$1300:1 0.01STP & Market maker
Barclays Stockbrokers£2500100:10.5STP & Market maker
BMFN Arab$1200:10.1ECN/STP & Market maker
Bulbrokers$100200:10.01ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
CFD1000$200400:10.01STP & Market maker
City Credit Capital UK (CCC)$500200:10.1Market maker
City Index£100400:10.01Market maker
Citypoint Trading$500300:10.1Market maker
CM Trading$250400:10.01STP & Market maker
CMC Markets$1500:10.1Market maker
CMS Forex$25050:10.1Market maker
Deltastock AD$100200:10.01Market maker
DF Markets$1200:10.01Market maker
easyMarkets$25400:10.05Market maker
ETX Capital$100200:10.01Market maker
Euro Pacific Bank$1000 100:10.5DMA/STP & Market maker
EXNESS$12000:10.01ECN/STP & Market maker
FastBrokers$250050:10.1ECN/STP & Market maker
FIBO Group$300200:10.01DMA/STP & Market maker
FIBO Group Holdings$300200:10.01DMA/STP & Market maker
FIPFX GLOBAL$200400:10.01STP & Market maker
Forex Club$1200:10.01STP & Market maker
Forex Corporate$100001000:10.1Market Maker
Forex Rally$1001000:10.01STP & Market maker
Forex-Metal$12000:10.01ECN/STP & Market maker$250400:10.01ECN/STP & Market maker
Forex4you$11000:10.01DMA/STP & STP & Market maker
ForexCT$500200:10.1Market maker
FOREXer$200500:10.01Market maker
ForexMart$11000:10.01Market maker
FOREXYARD$100200:10.01Market maker
FreshForex$11000:10.01ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
FX Choice$100200:10.01ECN/STP & Market maker
FX Money World$100400:10.01STP & Market maker
FX Solutions (UK and Australia)$250400:10.01Market maker
FXDD$200050:11Market maker
FXDD Malta$500400:1 0.01ECN/STP & Market maker
FXFlat€200400:1 0.01Market maker
FxGlory$13000:1 0.01STP & Market maker
FXOpen$1500:10.001ECN/STP & Market maker
FXPro$500500:1 0.1STP & Market maker
FXTG (ForexTG)$1000500:10.01ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
GAIN Capital Group$10000050:11ECN/STP & Market maker
GCI Financial$500400:10.1ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
GCM Forex$100100:10.01ECN/STP & Market maker
GKFXPRIME$11000:10.01STP & Market maker
GKFX$500400:10.1Market maker
HighSky Brokers$1200:10.01Market maker
HY Markets$50300:10.02ECN/STP & Market maker
ICM - iTrade Capital Markets$500400:10.1Market maker
ICM Capital$200500:10.01ECN/STP & Market Maker
iFOREX$100400:10.025Market maker
IG Markets (UK and Australia)$1400:10.1ECN/STP & Market maker
IHI - Investment House International$500400:10.01Market maker
IKON Global Markets$100050:10.01STP & Market maker
IronFX$500500:10.01ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
JustForex$12000:10.01ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
London Capital Group (LCG)$1300:1 0.1ECN/STP & STP & Market Maker
M2 Forex$200050:10.01 Market maker
MahiFX$1100:10.01 Market maker$100 200:10.01 Market maker
MAYZUS$100400:10.01ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
MFX Broker$11000:10.1ECN/STP & Market maker
NAS Broker$11000:10.01DMA/STP & Market maker
NewForex$11000:10.01Market Maker
Nexsus Financial Markets$250400:10.01ECN/STP & Market maker
OANDA$1 50:10.01Market maker
One Financial Markets$250400:10.01DMA/STP & Market maker
Orbex$500500:10.01ECN/STP & Market maker
PaxForex$10500:10.01STP & Market maker
Plus500$100200:10.01Market maker
Questrade$1000 200:10.1Market maker
RBS - Royal Bank of Scotland£150:1 0.0001ECN/STP & Market maker
Real Trade$20 500:10.01Market maker
RoboForex$11000:10.01ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
Royal Forex Trading (RFXT)$1000400:10.01STP & Market Maker
Saxo Bank$1000050:10.01Market maker
SimpleFX$1 500:10.01STP & Market maker
SkyFX$500 300:10.05STP & Market maker
Smart Markets$1400:10.01Market Maker
STO - SuperTradingOnline$20 500:10.01ECN/STP & DMA/STP & Market maker
Swiss International ($500200:10.1STP & Market maker
Swissquote Bank$1000100:1 0.01Market maker
Sword Capital$100500:1 0.01STP & Market maker
TeleTrade (Europe)$1100:10.1STP & Market maker
TeleTrade (UAE)$1 100:10.01STP & Market maker
TFIFX$500100:10.01Market maker
Thinkorswim$150:10.1Market maker
TradeKing$50050:10.1Market maker
TradeNext$100300:10.01STP & Market maker
Traders Way$11000:10.01ECN/STP & DMA/STP & Market maker
TradersChoiceFX$25050:10.01ECN/STP & STP & Market maker
Varengold Bank FX$1200:10.01STP & Market maker
Victory International Futures$5000100:11Market maker
Vinson Financials$200500:10.1STP & Market maker
Windsor Brokers$250500:10.1STP & Market maker
XForex$100400:10.01Market maker
XM$5888:10.01Market maker
XTB UK$1200:10.01STP & Market maker
YouTradeFX$500500:10.01ECN/STP & Market maker
USGFX$100500:10.01ECN & Market maker
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