MT4 Forex brokers

MT4 Forex brokers
MT4 Forex brokers is the largest group of Forex brokers.
Due to popularity of MT4 platform, almost every broker (about 95% of them) offers MT4.

It could be a bit overwhelming to find a broker based only on MT4 criteria. Thus, adding such parameters as minimum deposit, broker type (ECN, STP or Market maker),as well as regulatory status can help narrow down the search.

The largest list of Forex brokers that offer MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform

MT4 Forex BrokersMinimum DepositMaximum LeverageSpread TypeBrokers Types
TradeKing$5001:50VariableMarket Maker
Spot Trader FX$5001:50VariableSTP
OANDA$11:50VariableMarket Maker
MB Trading$4001:50VariableECN/STP
IKON GM$10001:50VariableMarket MakerVariable
Fortress Capital$20001:50Fixed & VariableSTP
FIPFX$5001:50VariableMarket Maker
CompassFX $5001:50VariableMarket Maker
CMS Forex$2501:50VariableMarket Maker
Back Bay FX$2501:50Fixed & VariableMarket Maker/ECN
ICM Brokers$3001:400Fixed & VariableMarket Maker/STP
Global Futures & Trading$2501:400Fixed & VariableMarket Maker
FipFX Global$2001:400VariableMarket Maker/STP
ATC brokers $50001:50 (UK 200:1)VariableECN/STP/STP
TradersChoiceFX$2501:50 (UK 200:1)Fixed & VariableMarket Maker/ECN/STP
FXDD$20001:50 (UK 200:1)VariableMarket Maker $2501:50 (UK 400:1)VariableMarket Maker
gkfx$5001:400Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & ECN
XTB UK$11:200Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & STP
Valutrades$1001:100Fixed & VariableSTP
Valbury Capital$50001:100VariableDMA/STP
Tradenext$1001:300VariableMarket Maker & STP
Super Hot Forex$2001: 500Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
Price Markets$5001:400Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP
One Financial Market$2501:400FixedMarket Maker & DMA/STP
Nexsus Financial Markets$2501:400Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP
London FX$10001:100 VariableECN/STP & STP
London Capital Group$11:300VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP/STP
InterTrader$11:400FixedMarket Maker
IKON Markets$1001:500Variable STP
IG Markets $11:400VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP
ICM Capital$2001:500Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP
HY Markets$501:300FixedMarket Maker
Hirose Financial UK $11:300FixedSTP
Hantec Markets$10001:500VariableSTP
FXOpen UK $3001:100VariableECN/STP
FXCM UK$20001:200VariableSTP
FX Solutions UK$2501:400FixedMarket Maker
Fx Century $11:100FixedMarket Maker
FeelTrade$1001:300Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
ETX Capital$1001:200VariableMarket Maker
Elit4x UK €1001:200VariableECN/STP & STP
Elxi Markets$100 1:400VariableDMA/STP
Citypoint Trading$5001:300FixedMarket Maker
City Index
£100 1:400Fixed & VariableMarket Maker
CFH Clearing$50,0001:100VariableSTP/ECN/STP
Bulls And Bears Forex UK$5001:500FixedSTP
Boston Prime$500001:100VariableDMA/STP
Atom8£50001:100VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP & STP
AMFX$5001:400FixedMarket Maker & STP
Alpha Capital Markets$2001:400Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & STP
ADS Securities London$11:500VariableECN/STP & STP
Admiral Markets$2501:500VariableECN/STP & STP
Abshire-Smith $5001:100Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & DMA/STP
orbex$5001:500Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP
fxpro$5001:500VariableMarket Maker (MT4) & ECN/STP (cTrader)
xm$51:888VariableMarket Maker
exness$11:2000VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP
ironfx $5001:500VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP & STP
XGLOBAL Markets$11:200VariableDMA/STP & STP
Windsor Brokers$2501:500VariableMarket Maker & STP
Vinson Financials$2001:500Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & STP
TrioMarkets $1001:300VariableECN/STP & STP
Traders Trust$1001:500VariableSTP
TopFX$11:100Variable ECN/STP
TFIFX$5001:100Fixed & VariableMarket Maker
TeleTrade$11:100FixedMarket Maker & STP$2501:200FixedSTP
SkyFX$5001:300VariableMarket Maker & STP
MTN-FX$11:400Fixed & VariableSTP
MAYZUS $1001:400Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP
MFX Broker$1 (ECN $500)1:1000Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP
MaxFX$2001:500VariableSTP$1001:200Fixed & VariableMarket Maker
Infin Markets$11:400VariableMarket Maker
IKOFX$11:500FixedMarket Maker
FxNet $501: 500VariableECN/STP & STP
FXCC $1001:300VariableECN/STP
Forex Club$2001:50Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & STP
FOREXYARD$1001:200VariableMarket Maker
Forex Corporate$10,0001:1000FixedMarket Maker
Finexo$1001:200FixedMarket Maker
FIBO Group Holdings$3001:200Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP
FCMarket$5001:500VariableMarket Maker
DQFX$1001:500Fixed & VariableDMA/STP & STP
CommexFX $51:400VariableECN/STP & STP
Capital Index£11:100Fixed & VariableSTP
Blackwell Global (CY)$20001:200Fixed & VariableSTP
AJAJ Group$51:400Fixed & VariableSTP
AGM Markets$2501:200VariableSTP
AFX Capital$201:500Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP & DMA/STP
ACFX$501:500Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & DMA/STP
Finpro Trading$1001:200VariableECN/STP
InvestTechFX$1001000:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
Questrade$100040:1VariableMarket Maker
orbex$1001:500VariableMarket Maker & STP
Vantage FX$1001:500VariableECN/STP & STP
YouTradeFX$5001:500VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP
Ruizean Trader$2001:400Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
Rubix FX$5001:100VariableECN/STP
Pepperstone$2001:400VariableDMA/STP & ECN/STP
MXT Global$1001:500VariableECN/STP & STP
FXTG (ForexTG) $10001:500Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP & STP
FXCM AU$20001:200VariableSTP
FX Solutions AU$2501:400FixedMarket Maker
IG Markets $11:400VariableMarket Maker & ECN/STP
IC Markets$2001:500VariableSTP
IC Markets Forex Rebates $2001:500VariableECN/STP & STP
GO Markets$5001:300VariableSTP/ECN/STP
Global Prime Forex $5001:200VariableECN/STP
FP Markets$2001:500VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
Forex FS $1001:500VariableDMA/STP
EightCap$1001:400VariableECN/STP & STP
DMM FX$2001:600FixedSTP
Direct FX$2501:400VariableDMA/STP
Core Liquidity Markets $2501:500VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
AxiTrader$2001:400VariableDMA/STP & ECN/STP
AvaTrade$1001:400FixedMarket Maker
RoboForex$11:1000Fixed & VariableMarket Market & ECN/STP & DMA/STP
FXOpen $11:500Fixed &VariableMarket Market & STP/ECN
Velocity Trade$10001:100VariableDMA/STP
UpFX $1001:300VariableDMA/STP & STP
SaudiQuote$10,0001:100VariableECN/STP & STP
Real ECN $1001:400VariableECN/STP
PFD NZ$11:300VariableECN/STP & STP
MahiFX$11:100VariableMarket Maker
Lucror FX$501:500VariableSTP
LAND FX$3001:500VariableECN/STP & STP
KVB Kunlun$10001:100VariableMarket Maker
KRCNZ$2001:200Variable ECN/STP & STP
Key To Markets $1001:500VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
Juno Markets$5001:400Variable STP
HeartForex $5001:200VariableECN/STP & STP
GTHFX $5001:400VariableSTP
FX-EDGE $2001:100VariableECN/STP
Divisa Capital $50001:100VariableDMA/STP
Capital Trust Markets $11:400Fixed &VariableDMA/STP & STP
Caesar Trade$251:500VariableSTP
BlackBull Markets$1001:500VariableECN/STP
BelforFx$1001:400Fixed &VariableECN/STP & STP
3TG Brokers $3001:500Fixed &VariableECN/STP & STP
Apex Financial $2001:200VariableECN/STP & STP
Dukascopy$100200:1VariableECN/STP (MT4 in Beta testing)
Alfa Financial$25,000100:1 FixedSTP
BCapitalsFX $10400:1VariableECN/STP & STP
PCM Brokers$100400:1VariableSTP
V2FX$100500:1 FixedSTP
CFD1000$2001:400Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & STP
Esther FX$1001: 500VariableECN/STP
eToro$20 0001:50 (non-US 400:1) VariableSTP
FIBO Group $3001:400Fixed & VariableMarket Maker
Forex4you$11:1000VariableDMA/STP & STP
GCMFX$2501:400VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
GKFXPRIME$11:1000Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & STP
ICM$5001:400FixedMarket Maker
IFC Markets$11:400FixedMarket Maker
IHI$5001:400FixedMarket Maker
InstaForex $11:1000Fixed STP
MBCFX$10001:400Fixed & VariableSTP
Nova Tradex $1001:1000Fixed & VariableMarket Maker
SGT$501:400VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
WFX Markets $101:500VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
ZAR FX $5001:500VariableDMA/STP & STP
hotforex$51000:1VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
NordFX $51000:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
AGEA$1100:1VariableMarket Maker
BFSForex$51000:1Fixed & VariableMarket Maker & ECN
Araxo4x$100400:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP & MM
FXcast$10500:1FixedECN/STP & STP & MM
FXPRIMUS$100500:1VariableSTP & ECN/STP
1BillionForex$5500:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
4XNetworks$11000:1Fixed & VariableMarket Market & ECN/STP
FastQuote Securities$2000VariableECN/STP
Fidelis $500200:1VariableDMA/STP/ECN/STP
Fort Financial$51000:1Fixed & VariableSTP/ECN/STP
FX Money World$100400:1Fixed & VariableMarket Market & STP
FBS$12000:1VariableDMA/STP & STP
FX Choice $100200:1VariableMarket Market & ECN/STP
IV Brokers$100500:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
GCI Financial $500400:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
Global Clearing $500500:1FixedMarket Maker
JustForex$12000:1Fixed & VariableMarket Market & ECN/STP & STP
MTrading$11000:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
NewForex $11000:1FixedMarket Maker
Seven Star FX $500400:1FixedMarket Maker
Seven Star FX $500500:1VariableECN/STP & STP
TFX Markets$50500:1VariableSTP & ECN/STP
Collective FX GLOBAL $100100:1VariableDMA/STP
Forex-Metal$12000:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & MM
Intelvita Capital$100300:1FixedSTP
Nova FX Trading$1001000:1VariableSTP
WorldPro FX$250400:1Fixed & VariableSTP
5StarsForex$500500:1Fixed & VariableSTP
AccentForex$10500:1Fixed & Variable STP
Bulls and Bears Forex$50500:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
DartTrader$102500:1Fixed & VariableSTP
Fairbanks FX $1000100:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
Goldstein Brokers$100400:1VariableDMA/STP
Grand Capital$10500:1VariableECN/STP & STP
Profiforex$1500:1Fixed & VariableSTP
Real Trade$20500:1FixedMarket Maker
Sunbird$1000300:1VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
Sword Capital$100500:1Fixed & VariableSTP & Market Maker
Tickmill$100500:1VariableECN/STP & STP
Vomma $10500:1Fixed & VariableSTP
XenonFx$25400:1FixedECN/STP & Market Maker
Alpari $1500:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP & Market Maker
Back Bay Markets$500400:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP & Market Maker
ELEX$1000200:1VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
FirewoodFX $101000:1FixedSTP
FXFair $11000:1VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
FXOptimax$10500:1Fixed & VariableDMA/STP & STP
GAINSY $10500:1VariableECN/STP & STP
Euro Pacific Bank$1000100:1VariableDMA/STP & Market Maker
FW Markets $100500:1VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
HiWayFX$201000:1VariableECN/STP & STP
NAS Broker $0.011000:1Fixed & VariableDMA/STP & Market Maker
NimrodFX$100400:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
OctaFX $5500:1VariableDMA/STP
PaxForex$10500:1VariableSTP & Market Maker
SimpleFX$1500:1VariableSTP & Market Maker
Tallinex$1001000:1VariableECN/STP & STP
TradeWiseFX$25500:1VariableECN/STP & STP
10Markets$200200:1Fixed & VariableMarket Maker
Forex Rally$1001000:1Fixed & Variable STP & Market Maker
FormulaFX$100300:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP & Market Maker
GDMFX$100500:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
StoxMarket $1000500:1Fixed & VariableSTP
BMFN Europe $1200:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP &Market Maker
Bulbrokers EAD $100200:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP &Market Maker
Deltastock$100200:1FixedMarket Maker
Advanced Markets$1100:1 VariableDMA/STP
ContinentalFX$1000200:1Fixed & VariableSTP
ForexCent$1500:1FixedMarket Maker
Trader's Way $11000:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP & Market Maker $100500:1VariableECN/STP & STP
FXtradeweb$1000500:1VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
AssetsFX $200200:1VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
FxGlory $13000:1FixedSTP & Market Maker
BANX Trading $1300:1VariableSTP & Market Maker
FXFlat200EUR400:1Fixed & VariableMarket Maker
Varengold Bank FX $1200:1VariableSTP & Market Maker
InterTrader Direct $5000100:1VariableECN/STP
Investorseurope$250400:1VariableDMA/STP & ECN/STP
AAAFx$300500:1Variable DMA/STP
Bulls Capital Markets$501000:1VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
CAPPROFX $1001000:1VariableECN/STP & STP
IKON Group$150500:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
Sun Hung Kai Forex$500020:1VariableDMA/STP
Victory International Futures$10000100:1FixedMarket Maker
Ava FX$100400:1Fixed Market Maker
Swiss International$500200:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & Market Maker
Renesource Capital$10100:1VariableECN/STP & DMA/STP
Royal Forex Trading$10,000400:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & Market Maker
Trust Capital$250400:1FixedSTP
BTFX$250200:1VariableECN/STP & STP
NSFX$300200:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP
Sensus Capital Markets€1000500:1VariableDMA/STP
TradingBanks$250400:1Fixed & VariableSTP
Forex Broker Inc$100500:1Fixed & Variable STP & ECN/STP
LiteForex$101000:1Fixed & VariableSTP & DMA/STP
TaipeiFX$1000033:1Variable STP
AGEA $6500:1VariableMarket Maker
FreshForex$11000:1Fixed & VariableECN/STP & STP & Market Maker
In-Trade$1500:1FixedMarket Maker
FX Next$500200:1VariableECN/STP
ACM Gold$250500:1FixedSTP & Market Maker
CM Trading$250400:1VariableSTP & Market Maker
Vunani Private Clients $500100:1Fixed & VariableDMA/STP & STP
GCM Forex$100100:1FixedECN/STP & Market Maker
IsikFX$100100:1Fixed & VariableSTP
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MT4 platform remains to be the leading Forex platform

MT4 is far not the only Forex platform available today. But nevertheless, it remains to be a firm leader and a choice of almost 90% of Forex brokers.

Interestingly that even those Forex brokers who used to offer and promote only own successful proprietary platforms (GFT broker offered DealBook360, OANDA – FxTrade) – even they finally made a decision to add MT4 to their trading platform collection. Was that a decision based on a market trend and traders preferences & support requests – most likely yes.

We can’t ignore (and Forex brokers can’t ignore it either) that MT4 platform took over the trading world, and there was one key feature to “blame” – MT4 platform allows creating custom indicators and expert advisors; and although there are many platforms that also allow this, MT4 has managed to outperform every single one of them by the tremendous number of MT4 indicators and EAs being written for it. Many MT4 indicators and EAs are also free – there is a huge MT4 community Codebase: where thousands of indicators can be found. Does this attract novice traders who never used MT4 before – most definitely yes!

That’s why Forex brokers continue to choose MT4 platform in order to always satisfy needs of the diverse Forex trading community.

Also check out the MT4 ECN Forex Brokers List featuring MT4 platforms with an ECN bridge.

MT4 on a dedicated server – VPS advantages for MT4 users

Ever thought about times when your home/office PC is turned off and your trading thus left “as is”, without any possibility to control/close/adjust open orders? This problem can be easily solved with a Virtual Private Server (VPS). All you need to do is install MT4 platform on your VPS and it’ll run 24/7 without interruptions. More on that at: MT4 VPS solutions

MT4 platform now with one-click trading

The beginning of 2013 has brought a long awaited feature to MT4 platform – One click trading. Finally traders can trade from charts with a single click!

To show one click trading panel on MT4 use Alt+T, or click the icon in the upper left corner, or select it from the context menu.


If the feature is not available (not preset by the broker), you need to download and install the One click trading EA first.
Download one click trading EA: OneClickExpert.exe

One-click trading should definitely mean more trades, more activity and positive experience for MT4 users. The famous MetaTrader 4 Trading Terminal Build 482 has also several other features added to enhance traders’ experience.