XM – The 1-million-dollar Forex World Championship


Available to: All clients.

Contest dates: The contest is divided in 10 rounds, starting June 1, 2016 until April 5, 2017. For the best 50 traders, there will be a Semi-Final round that will run from April 19, 2017 to April 26, 2017 and there’s a Final round for the 10 best traders which will run from May 18, 2017 to May 19, 2017.

Registration open: Until March 15, 2017.

Duration: One month each of the 10 initial rounds, one week the Semi-Final and two days for the Final.

To participate: Have a registered and verify account and register to the contest.

Prizes: Each round of the contest will have the following prizes:

1st place – $11,500 USD
2nd place – $7,250 USD
3rd place – $5,500 USD
4th place – $4,300 USD
5th place – $3,200 USD
6th place – $2,200 USD
7th place – $1,500 USD
8th place – $1,100 USD
9th place – $800 USD
10th to 12th place – $460 USD each
13th to 15th place – $360 USD each
16th to 18th place – $250 USD each
19th to 27th place – $190 USD each
28th to 36th place – $170 USD each
37th to 45th place – $150 USD each
46th to 54th place – $130 USD each
55th to 63rd place – $120 USD each
64th to 72nd place – $110 USD each
73rd to 81st place – $100 USD each
82nd to 90th place – $90 USD each

The 10 winners of the Semi-Final round will win a trip Thailand in order to participate in the Final, with all expenses paid by XM.

The final round will distribute $500,000 USD in prizes among all the traders who end with profits.

How to get: End with the highest profit %. End in the Top 5 of the qualifying rounds in order to participate in the Semi-Final, and end in the Top 10 to participate in the Final. You just need to end with profits during the Final round in order to end a prize in such stage.

Withdrawal: Yes.

Other conditions: The contest’s rules can be changed at any time.

Link: XM – The 1-million-dollar Forex World Championship

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